Professional Service Automation

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Zest was created as the antithesis of big, complex MSP management systems. They pared away unnecessary customizations, time consuming configuration, and costly additional hires, leaving you only with what you need: an amazing PSA. success comes from a sleek management system designed by MSP technicians themselves.

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Professional Service Automation

Project summary

Zest is built to be ready to use out of the box. Gone are the days of months of complex configuration. Zest cuts through the complexity, offering time tracking capabilities that boost productivity, and a prioritized ticketing system. Capabilities that won't let you fail, and a unique dashbar that assesses company health. Zest transforms the way you run your MSP and your employees.

Problem statement

Most MSP Platforms are over-engineered, a hodge-podge of capabilities and often requires complex configuration conducted by specialists to become useable. Zest was built on the premise that an MSP platform should be tailored to the needs of MSP Managers and technicians and should be working day 1 out of the box.

The Process

  • Zest project is quite interesting and challenging, since we were to deliver software for the market that was unknown to us. The special part of this project is that user personas were real and we could have answers for all of our questions. In order to understand the challenges, needs and wants for the market we conducted several interviews with stakeholders. Those interviews helped us to identify what problems our platform will solve for its users. During interviews lots of small sized MSPs stated that similar tools, which are already in the market, are not useful for them. Their functions are usually non agile and overfull. That is they have features which are not applicable by small MSPs.

  • So we understood that we should build a product with those types of usable features that will be directly used by technicians (MSP employees).With the next step I had built a wireframe which was introduced to stakeholders. Based on it I had also prepared a prototype. The prototype was tested by technicians. After receiving positive feedback, and a special requirement to have dark and light mode versions, I have accomplished the testing and switched to design system development. After this I have implemented the UI of the project. Zest has been tested by technicians again, after the successful release of MVP scope. Based on their positive feedback and several suggestions I have started the design for the product’s features.


The solution

As end result, I have designed platform, that:

  • is agile
  • gives an opportunity to easily manage technician’s workflow
  • suggests a technician on which assignment they should work next and easily navigates to that part.

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