The website is a SAT test-taking platform, with 45 full test available.

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SAT Test-taking Platform

Project summary

The full website will consist of
1. Practice questions
2. Vocabulary (automatic storage of user-highlighted vocabs and vocab quiz)
3. Score report
4. Answer explanations
5. Collage applications simulator
Tests will be randomly generated according the following rules
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Math
The SAT is scrored on a 1600 point scale with the Math and the reading/writing each awarded between 200 and 800 points, Also the user can calculate collage admission percentage.

Problem statement

The main requirement was to create an easy-to-use test generation platform that would enable the users to pass online tests with ease without having anything that could distract their attention. In addition, the signup flow needed to be as easy and quick as possible. The same goes for the payment function.

The Process

  • In-depth research was conducted in order to explore similar platforms, to interview people who’ve had experience with using those and to find out the good and bad aspects of those platforms. Further the results were combined and analyzed eventually transforming into low fidelity wireframes and protypes. The first group to test those were the members of the team.

  • The main feedback we’re managed to collect fell into the following points:
    1. The payment process using Stripe was a bit complicated and had flows in the process and edge cases that weren’t covered.
    2. The signup flow needed further simplification
    3. A need for creating a mobile app for corresponding target users was identified.
    These led us to several improvements and adjustments and below are the final results.


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